How does charity mean to you?

Not just money, but help and support when others less fortunate need it. Tutu refers to being charitable as someone with “generosity”. Whether you call it charity or generosity, each word translates to giving oneself for another, for the good of the community. This could be giving time or money, or something as simple as offering kind, non-judgmental words.

What is charity? Charity is giving to others what belongs to you. When you donate to charity, you experience happiness. Do you know why? Because when you let go of something you love, you bring happiness to others. For most people, that thing is money.

Even if you have the slightest idea of taking something away from others, you yourself create various obstacles and difficulties in your life. Personally, I define charity as a broad-spectrum notion that cannot go beyond the limits of helping someone. Charity is an act of giving and not expecting to receive something in return. This is an intimate process between the needy person and the person who has offered help.

Nobody likes to be put under any circumstances to ask for help, no matter if we talk about money, food, some kind of protection, etc. But sometimes life is not easy and it makes things happen unexpectedly, so those people have no other choice. Therefore, we must be more tolerant and strive to support them and support them in their needs. When you're looking to support a charity, what are you looking for? Charity Navigator distinguishes the rankings of charities, performs evaluations, gives ratings, and then collects all of this information to report on charities that have a regional and global impact.

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