What are the characteristics of a charitable person?

They are always willing to help, they are in favor of humanity, they approach situations and others in a positive way and are open to opportunities that make a difference. Closely linked to altruism, people with this trait are more motivated to perform selfless acts of kindness, generosity or charity to support those around them. This personality dimension includes attributes such as trust, altruism, kindness, affection, and other prosocial behaviors. People with this trait tend to have a friendly, approachable nature and are willing to give and receive support.

As leadership becomes increasingly important in the charity sector, psychologist Geraldine Kilbride describes the things that make a person a pioneer. This surprised the charity and they realized that they are now the largest charity in the UK that focuses solely on this group of customers. For example, charity A receives 90% of its income from grants and charity B has four types of funding: grants, contracts, direct debits, and loans from charities, each of which accounts for 25% of revenue. You'll be someone who can happily go from working intensively at your desk one day to helping with a charity run on the weekend.

Regardless of your cause and delivery model, your charity will most likely have organizational problems similar to those of other organizations. However, when working with a charity on almost any significant change, including diversifying its revenues or updating its strategy, facilitating effective leadership will always be key. The charity was able to tell us all about what they were doing in terms of activities and projects, but made an effort to articulate what they were trying to achieve. It's not uncommon for a charity that has grown organically to discover that it doesn't have a fully functioning senior management team.

However, when we did, we quickly realized that many of the charities and projects they knew of had significantly reduced, closed or expanded their group of beneficiaries, beyond families of young parents. Charities need money to work and need to employ people who have the confidence to work with budgets and donors. We have worked with several charities where there is an executive director and perhaps a person responsible for finance, but all other functions are dedicated to (and are funded by) delivery. Regardless of the position you're applying for, you'll need to communicate with people from a charity and outside organization, so you'll need to make sure that your communications are top notch.

To work more in the UK, speaking only English won't be an obstacle, but it's worth keeping in mind that if you want to work for an international charity and possibly move abroad at some point, languages can help.

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