What charity means to me?

Charity is an act of giving and not expecting to receive something in return. This is an intimate process between the needy person and the person who has offered help. Nobody wants to be put under any circumstances to ask for support, no matter if we talk about money, food, some kind of protection, etc. Last week I was lucky enough to learn about the power of these clinics in Ecuador, where patients with different cases from various regions of South America came to receive the attention of these talented and generous special experts.

The sheer tenacity, goodwill and brilliance of the volunteers have filled me with wonder and hope. These donation methods ensure that the charities you choose benefit from your support as much as possible and can create a lifelong connection between you and the causes that matter to you. So why is giving to charity so rewarding and life-changing for everyone involved? Here are five good reasons you might not have thought about donating to the charities of your choice. If you're a UK taxpayer, you can increase the amount of each donation you make by making a donation through Gift Aid, an income tax relief program created to help charities make the most of the funds they receive.

Noah Kasten
Noah Kasten

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