What is charity in a person?

The practice of charity is the voluntary provision of aid to those in need, as a humanitarian act, unmotivated by self-interest. There are several philosophies about charity, often associated with religion. In his 1932 work The Moral Man and the Immoral Society, he criticized the charities that financed the education of blacks and wrote that white philanthropy did not attack head-on the social injustices suffered by African-Americans. With the rise of peer-to-peer social processes, many charities are moving away from the charitable model and are starting to adopt this more direct donor-to-recipient approach.

Nowadays, some charities have modernized and allow people to donate online, through websites such as JustGiving. Institutions evolved to carry out the work of helping the poor, and these institutions, called charities, provide most of today's charitable giving in terms of monetary value.

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