What is charity with example?

People tend to donate (%3D donates money) to charities at Christmas. The most obvious example of charity is the donation of money. If you're not completely sure of the impact you're having with monetary donations, research charities before donating. Websites such as Guidestar and Foundation Center allow you to download year-end tax returns from many charities to see exactly where your money is going.

Sites like Charity Navigator rank non-profit organizations based on their performance and the amount of their donation that goes toward good deeds. In addition to being tax-exempt, charities also usually receive immunity from tort lawsuits. Charities work in a similar way to many for-profit companies and can use help with accounting, information technology, graphic design, advertising, public relations, website development, social media campaigns, and event planning and management. Organizations that are primarily involved in political campaigns or lobbying do not qualify as charitable organizations for tax purposes, but trusts for them may be considered charitable.

Charities are very fond of volunteers, and there are probably organizations in your community that could use an extra pair of helping hands. Some supporters of extreme coupons use their ability to donate thousands of dollars in consumer goods to charities each year, paying only a fraction of the cost to obtain the products and obtain a tax waiver. Many charities are happy to accept donations of goods, including used computer equipment, office furniture and supplies, or cleaning and maintenance items.

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